I`m moving to Patreon

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears.

Don`t you worry! I will still be, and always be on YouTube as well, just in a different way. I love YouTube. I have been on YouTube since my teens. Maybe I didnt have my own account at the time, but I have always been on YouTube, since it all started.

So hello Fluffy Teddy Bears. I have 15 minutes to write a blog post, so I`m going to try to use my 15 minutes wisely..... Motherhood....

I have been scared of using Patreon in the past, because I felt it would be more difficult to keep a safe distance from the world watching my videos. But I have come to feel that it is safe. No one can get me. I guess I was just afraid people would have more expectations of me, and me feeling I had to give more. But I just realized, I do what I`m comfortable with, and people can unsubscribe if they are not happy. I will not do anything different in my communication. I will still keep a professional distance to protect my privacy and security.

I`m still trying to figure out exactly how Patreon is going to be for me, but I want my futute patrons to feel that they get more ASMR content from me than from YouTube. Longer content, and exclusive content (long and short). At the same time I still need to show up regularly on YouTube to promote my videos. and to grow my patreon and YT channel, but the videos will be shorter.

I feel at this current moment that I now have come to stay at Patreon, where I open and closed it several times in the past. I will try to grow it slowly, and just do this slowly as I haven`t decided completely how I want my Patreon to be. But this is just to tell you that I`m slowly moving towards patreon, and I picture myself Patreon being my main platform in the future. Note. YT members will have access to all my videos as well. You are not forgotten!

My time is up for now! I hope to be able to use this beautiful and expensive website more in the future, but right now creating ASMR videos is my main priority and what I have time for.

Have a wonderful day! Best best best best best. Take care!




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