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Green Bean Cottage want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, with self love and a healthy life style.

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bear!

Welcome so much to Green Bean Cottage, one of my most beautiful virtual place on earth, my new website and online store. I`m so proud this time. I finally have a wonderful site and a happy place to gather all my precious Fluffy Teddy Bears, and you are very much welcomed to become a member and join this community. I really hope this will be a warm and safe place for you. Yes! That is right Fluffy`s. This time I`m offering you to become a member, and join the Green Bean Cottage Forum where you can talk, discuss and share whatever your heart desire with other Fluffy bears as well.

Let`s see.... What other things do Green Bean Cottage has to offer? Let me tell ya.

You can sign up to my Love letter.... oh, I mean Newsletter, where I sometimes send out recipes, launches, updates, greetings and special offers.

So what is Green Bean Cottage all about? The name itself I will tell you all about in another post, but this is the main page where I gathers all the sub pages. Let me try to write it down so I can get a clean picture of what this is myself as well.

Green Bean Cottage - It`s me and everything I choose to share with you from my own personal life.

Then I have these specific interests that I have chosen to focus on and make exclusive, like the YouTube Channel Solfrid ASMR, where I create ASMR videos for relaxation purposes.

I also recently decided to focus on food and health as well after many years of requests and interest from you Fluffy`s, and that`s how the YouTube channel NordicKitchen came alive.

So there you have it, three YouTube channels.

My videos will be the main communication with you. YouTube is my favorite platform. I love to create YouTube videos.


Green Bean Cottage (before Dopyen) It represents me as the person I am. Personal Vlog Channel with everything I feel like sharing. Interests, thoughts and feelings.

Solfrid ASMR - My ASMR videos, and so far my biggest success. I love it.

NordicKitchen - Everything related to food and health.

So Green Bean Cottage is basically the place where all these three dots are connected, so I can have everything under one roof. Yep, that`s what this webpage is about.

Green Bean Cottage is also an online store, where I currently sell my very first ever written eCookbook, and I`m sure there will be more in the future, and other surprises as well.

The main focus on this website will be Plant Based food, health and art, weather it be ASMR videos or me creating something else for you.

With Love


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